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Surprise! My wife came at 12 o'clock to meet my 40th birthday with me in the office.

With my wife in Greenwich, May 2003

You can see the London "City" behind us.

My elder son and me in the town of Primorsko.

1994 or 1995 - I am not sure. I was working for Delta Bulgaria then.

26 July 2004 - a baby when you are at the age of 42!

My boys. My lovely boys!

The end of 2007 - my elder son is getting more and more attractive.

My younger boy started liking weapons. He is a little angel otherwise (most of the time).

My family with my parents, in front of our house in the village of Dragievtsi, near Gabrovo.

The old family - mother, father, sister and me.

Mother, father, sister, brother... all of them in law. Plus my wife and my younger son.

Grandfather and grandson like The Angels of Hell. The summer of 2006.

This is the house where I lived all my life.

My first car. I love it! I had it from 1998 to 2006.

My second car. I love it too (but not as much as the first one).

The better part of me is in the Western hemisphere.

The toilets in the streets of London.

It was a strange experience. No more explanations.

Prague, in front of the office of KPMG, facing the Hilton Hotel. A very nice hotel, indeed.

December 2006 in Prague, I am at top of the famous tower with the clock.

Budapest - October 2007.

Drinking beer in Skopje. The local beer is not bad at all!

The fortress of Baba Vida in Vidin. A very interesting place.

May 2007

The mount of Mussala - July 2007.

The Gypsy song was ordered especially for me.

An interesting advertisement in Skopje.

A limo in Prague

The town of Harmanli. The birth place of Hristo Stoichkov.

This monument must be some kind of a symbol of Europe. Poor Europe...

The long way to Europe

Enjoy the sense of humor of Varna citizens.


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